The Advantages of Purchasing a Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle

In addition to new and used vehicles, there are also certified pre-owned vehicles for hopeful car buyers to consider. While we realize that certified pre-owned vehicles are usually more expensive than used cars, there are several reasons for you to opt for a certified used vehicle. Learn more about why they make such a great and satisfying option.

Multi-Point Inspection

Before hitting the lot, a majority of certified pre-owned vehicles first go through a 100- to 200-point inspection to ensure they successfully meet the necessary standards. In addition to this multi-point inspection, certified pre-owned vehicles are also reconditioned and have their damaged parts replaced. Now you can buy with the confidence that comes with knowing your vehicle meets the manufacturer's standards.

Top Quality Vehicles

Only late-model vehicles with a low number of miles are eligible for certification. Not only that, but the vehicle must also have an impeccable history report. Makes and models that don't meet an auto manufacturer's specific standards, which vary, aren't certified.

Extended Warranty

While certified pre-owned vehicles have some miles on them, they also have warranties. A majority of pre-owned programs give buyers the original powertrain warranty as well as the vehicle's basic warranty. It's best that you look over the vehicle's warranty to see what's included in it and how long it lasts.

Free Maintenance

In addition to an extended warranty, some pre-owned programs offer free maintenance. Such offers are usually only for certain parts of the vehicle and for a specific number of miles.

Low-Interest Financing

The higher cost of certified pre-owned vehicles is balanced by the fact that you may qualify for low-interest financing. With a low interest rate, you're likely to have a low monthly payment on your car note. Much like the warranty, be sure you're aware of the terms of your financing agreement before signing anything.

Certified pre-owned vehicles may be the perfect fit for your car-buying needs. Consider your options and the advantages you have to gain.

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