Become an informed Used-Car Buyer

When you step onto a used car lot, it's a good idea to have done a bit of homework. The more you know about used cars the better position you will be in to get a good deal and a great vehicle. There are a number of resources that make you an informed consumer. Our dealership wants to make certain you get the best car for your budget and lifestyle, so we always recommend you learn as much as possible.

Understand Pricing 

Several publications stand out as excellent resources for used car pricing. Kelley Blue Book is an easy-to-use source to determine a car's value, and it has been used by buyers and sellers for many years. NADAguides is another trusted source, as well as Consumer Reports. Many publications are accessible either online or in print versions. All of these resources give you a better idea of what to expect to pay for a used car.

Appreciate Ownership Costs

Many of these mentioned guides also have sections devoted to calculating the total cost of ownership of a car. This includes such things as registration, title, insurance, gas mileage and repair costs. Additional resources include NerdWallet and a bevy of other places such as insurance companies. How much you drive, and how fast, and the type of driving you do, will also impact total costs. If you are an especially aggressive driver you may have to replace brakes and tires more often.

Some of these sites will even offer a good idea of what percentage of your income should be spent on transportation. Again, online calculators are an easy way to get solid information on various aspects of car ownership.

Know Your Budget 

The importance thing here is to know what you can afford when shopping our lot for used cars. With this information we can suggest cars that that fit your lifestyle and your budget.

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