How to Make Used Car Dealer Financing Easier

Getting financing for a used car can be a stressful process, but it doesn't have to be. It actually can be an easy process if you plan ahead and take a few steps before you ever get to the dealer. You should be prepared to spend at least a little time finalizing paperwork and going over the details of the sale, but the bulk of the process can be made much easier with work done beforehand.

Call us ahead of time. There is a lot of financing paperwork that can be done over the phone before you ever set foot on the lot. Getting this out of the way will speed things up a lot once you are there and have chosen your car.

Make sure that you ask what paperwork you will need. It's typical to have to bring in your driver's license, employment information and insurance information. You should have any phone numbers you may need and be prepared to show recent pay stubs. Having everything you need will ensure the financing process isn't delayed.

Be ready for all the questions you may be asked. Generally, the focus of financing is about how much you earn and how much your expenses are. We want to get a good idea of whether or not you can afford your new payments on the car you are buying. You should know how much earn in a month and how much your living expenses are. Be aware of what you can afford so you aren't trying to get a loan you can't afford.

Getting financing from the dealer is often a nice convenience of buying used cars. You can often get approved more easily and be able to walk away that day with your new vehicle. Just make sure you go prepared and ready to fill out the paperwork that will be required.

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