Four Things to Know Before You Begin Shopping for a Used Car

Searching for your ideal, quality used car doesn’t have to be a puzzle of endless possibilities. Put all the pieces together in advance and you might just walk away with a prize purchase.


  1. Do Your Research Ahead of Time


Take advantage of the plethora of information at your fingertips and search the Internet for pertinent price data and incentives regarding the used cars that interest you. Check resale values, trade-in values and know what you can expect to pay before you leave home.


  1. Take Advantage of Model Year-End Clearance Time


Shopping strategically may help you earn deep discounts on your used car purchase. Buying during a model year clearance event incentivizes your process in that dealers are often more motivated to clear out older inventory to make room for the new models. Increased new car sales mean more used, trade-in options for you. Greater selection can help you achieve greater value.


  1. Get to Know Your Dealership


Schedule an appointment with your dealer to discuss your options. A friendly, knowledgeable dealership representative may be able to offer you greater incentives, rebates and sales, including affordable financing options. A proactive approach on your part demonstrates your level of commitment and may help you negotiate a better deal.


  1. Take Time to Evaluate Your Choices


Once you decide on your ideal dealership, make and model, be sure to physically examine the car inside and out. Check the interior for cleanliness, usability and wear. Look under the hood and walk the exterior of the car, observing the condition of all components. Ask to review maintenance records and talk to your dealer about the car’s history. Don’t neglect the small things because they could become tools for price negotiation at the sales desk. Remember, buying a car can be a weighty investment and you should be satisfied from the start.


Using these four steps may simplify your search and increase the quality of your used car purchase, leaving you more time to enjoy the ride.

3 Things You Should Think About Before Buying a Used Car

Buying a used car is a purchase decision that could change your life for years to come. There are several things to consider as you evaluate used cars. They’ll help you determine which one is right for you.


Your Budget


Price range is obviously a huge concern for many of our customers. Fortunately, we offer financing to make used car purchases easier to manage. When figuring out you budget, remember that the cost of the car is only one element in the equation. Maintenance and fuel costs also need to be considered.


If you’re thinking about applying for financing, use a loan calculator before your financing appointment. Then you’ll be able to arrive to discuss financing and already know the maximum monthly amount you could afford to make towards paying off your loan.


Must-Have Features


While some people dream about having used cars with high-end sound systems, others want their vehicles to feature autonomous driver-assistance technology. Spend some time thinking about the features that you most want in your used car. That should help you narrow down the list of possibilities and start searching more efficiently.


Future Plans


When buying a used car, it’s important for people to consider how their lives may change in the future. That approach could help avoid purchase-related regrets.


For example, a recently married couple may not have children on their minds presently, but the desire to have kids may be a very real factor in a year or two. Or, a person who has recently started horseback riding may want to buy a vehicle that’s capable of pulling a trailer in case they eventually own horses and take them on out-of-the-area trail rides.


These are just three of the many aspects to ponder before buying a used car. By keeping them in mind, you’ll avoid a lot of unnecessary stress and should find it doesn’t take too long to find a vehicle you love.

Importance of Knowing the History of Used Cars

When you come to our lot, you will be greeted with a ton of used cars. You may think they are all alike, but each one has a unique history. We are always happy to provide you with a full history of a used vehicle, but other dealerships may not be as forward with that information. There are several reasons why you always want to get a comprehensive report.


Know What Damage a Car Has Sustained


Cars can go through a lot. In addition to being involved with fender benders, history reports will also show whether a vehicle experienced a flood, fire or other natural event. The car may have been salvaged to the point where it looks as good as new, but it is still important for you to know what the vehicle has been through. By being aware the engine flooded at some point, you can then check to see if the engine in the car now is brand new or will need a replacement in the near future.


Know the Car’s Title Branding


The titles for used cars will tell you what work the vehicle has gone through. You will know what components are original to the vehicle and which ones are new. You will also figure out the ownership history of the car. One or two previous owners are fairly normal. However, if the car you are looking at frequently changes hands, then that may give you pause. There could be something wrong with the car you are unaware of.


Buying a car is a big deal. It is similar to how you would want to know about the history of a house you are planning on buying. It is a big investment, and it is one that should be as informed as possible. If used cars seem to be up your alley, then visit our dealership to find some outstanding ones.

What to Do After Buying a Used Car

Many drivers opt for used vehicles due to the savings they offer. You may think you are done as soon as you have signed on the dotted line at the dealership, but there are still a few things to take care of. Following these steps will help ensure you do not get inconvenienced in the near future.


Make Loan Payments


If you paid your car off in full, then you do not have to worry about this step. However, in the event you did have to take out a loan to pay for your used car, you need to be certain you make those payments. The title for the vehicle technically goes to the lender, so to continue driving you need to make those loan payments on time so that you do not lose your vehicle.


Check Service Requirements


Most used cars should come with a user’s manual. This booklet gives you important information, and you want to read it over at least once as soon as you buy your vehicle. This will tell you how often you need to get your car serviced. When you get maintenance done, keep a record of it. These documents proving you got your vehicle serviced regularly will help tremendously if you ever decide to sell your car.


Leave a Review


After you have purchased a used vehicle from our dealership, we want to know what you thought of the experience. If you loved every second of it, then let us know. We are always happy to hear praise. If there were any areas you thought we could improve upon, then that is also helpful because it allows us to improve the experience for other customers.


It is a great feeling to have finally purchased a car of your very own. Keep in mind you do not want that euphoria to make you forget to take care of some essential tasks.

Get More Bang for Your Buck by Shopping at a Dealership

When shopping for used cars, don’t underestimate the benefits that shopping at a dealer can offer you and your wallet. While there are many who might point out that buying a car from a dealership is sometimes a more expensive course of action, there are several incentives that make the insignificant raise in price well worth the experience. We work hard to provide you with excellent cars and the services you need while you’re on the move that private sellers simply don’t have to give.


Buying a used car is, to some extent, always a risky venture. It’s sometimes impossible to know what a car’s been through before you lay your eyes on it, and what issues might lie hidden under the hood. We inspect our cars and make repairs as necessary in order to ensure that each and every car we sell is of the absolute best quality and able to handle the miles ahead with ease. Furthermore, we may offer warrantees on certain cars that help to ensure you’ll be satisfied with how your ride performs after you leave our lot.


At our dealership, we are required to follow strict legal guidelines when it comes to selling used cars, so you can rest assured that you’ll have the best protection on the market. Where private sellers are held to few rules and can easily swindle you if so inclined, we offer an easy experience and always handle our business in a highly trustworthy manner. This also helps to ensure that the quality of your car is up to snuff according to current legal standards.

When you purchase used cars from our dealership, you’re making a smart investment in a long-term, quality solution to your transportation needs. We work hard to get you the results you expect and to get you on the road again as quickly as possible.

Leased Cars Offer More Style for the Buck

If you have been dreaming of a sleek new car of your own, it is a safe bet that you have been considering taking out a car loan to help make that dream a reality. For many people, a car loan is the only option. Many others still, though, have the much more attractive option of car leasing.
You might be surprised to consider this type of car acquisition a more attractive one than buying, but we can show you how it might be. Let’s start with the basics. The car you buy either by cash or installment plan is likely to be one of decent value but little flash. Consistently, the cars most people can qualify for under car loans are affordable models that are efficient, hopefully economical, and more for transportation than for glory. Car leasing opens up a whole new class of vehicles as possibility for most consumers, though. With monthly lease payments often lower than installment loan payments, qualified applicants can get a whole lot more for their bucks.


Once you have entered into a car lease agreement, you will find there are other perks, too. For the duration of your agreement, you will receive warranty care for your vehicle. To ensure that you have fewer repair bills and fewer arguments with your service mechanic, make sure that your lease agreement ends before the bumper-to-bumper warranty does.


As if these previous reasons were not convincing enough, people who lease vehicles benefit in other ways as well, as they are always in the vehicle with the most recent technological advancements. The smart people who opt for leasing options are able to acquire the best vehicles for far less than their monthly car payments might be.


If you are ready to drive the car of your dreams but shy about saddling yourself with a loan, consider car leasing as your best option. We are ready, willing, and able to put you behind the wheel of the best car you have ever driven. It is up to you to meet us halfway.

What to Consider Before You Search for Bad Credit Car Loans

Having bad credit can make it difficult to make large purchases, such as a quality used car. However, thanks to bad credit car loans, you may still be able to find payments and an affordable interest rate. If you are preparing to look into these loans, we have a few tips to offer about what factors you might want to consider first.


Getting Your Credit Report


Before you shop around for bad credit car loans, it’s a good idea to obtain a copy of your credit report first. You can get one for free on an annual basis from the major credit reporting companies Equifax, TransUnion and Experian. Knowing what is on your credit report and taking a close look at the history may help you understand the relation between your credit score and the report and allow you to take the first steps toward repairing it.


Needs vs. Wants


While you may want that fully-loaded sports model, you might want to consider which models will help you save money and which will make it difficult to keep up with monthly payments. For example, if you take on a five-year loan for the car you really want, will you have to work twice as hard just to keep it? Being realistic about what you need vs. what you want to drive may help you avoid hefty monthly payments and high interest rates.


Additional Costs


You may be tempted to grab a loan because the monthly payments sound reasonable to you in relation to what you make in salary. However, you might also want to consider what kind of fees and costs you will be paying for your vehicle, such as tax, title and license fees, insurance costs and more. If you choose a loan and underestimate the total cost, you might get yourself into further debt.


Bad credit car loans may help you get a used car when other creditors turn you down. However, considering all the angles before you sign off on a loan may make for a better deal.

The Advantages of Purchasing a Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle

In addition to new and used vehicles, there are also certified pre-owned vehicles for hopeful car buyers to consider. While we realize that certified pre-owned vehicles are usually more expensive than used cars, there are several reasons for you to opt for a certified used vehicle. Learn more about why they make such a great and satisfying option.


Multi-Point Inspection


Before hitting the lot, a majority of certified pre-owned vehicles first go through a 100- to 200-point inspection to ensure they successfully meet the necessary standards. In addition to this multi-point inspection, certified pre-owned vehicles are also reconditioned and have their damaged parts replaced. Now you can buy with the confidence that comes with knowing your vehicle meets the manufacturer’s standards.


Top Quality Vehicles


Only late-model vehicles with a low number of miles are eligible for certification. Not only that, but the vehicle must also have an impeccable history report. Makes and models that don’t meet an auto manufacturer’s specific standards, which vary, aren’t certified.


Extended Warranty


While certified pre-owned vehicles have some miles on them, they also have warranties. A majority of pre-owned programs give buyers the original powertrain warranty as well as the vehicle’s basic warranty. It’s best that you look over the vehicle’s warranty to see what’s included in it and how long it lasts.


Free Maintenance


In addition to an extended warranty, some pre-owned programs offer free maintenance. Such offers are usually only for certain parts of the vehicle and for a specific number of miles.


Low-Interest Financing


The higher cost of certified pre-owned vehicles is balanced by the fact that you may qualify for low-interest financing. With a low interest rate, you’re likely to have a low monthly payment on your car note. Much like the warranty, be sure you’re aware of the terms of your financing agreement before signing anything.


Certified pre-owned vehicles may be the perfect fit for your car-buying needs. Consider your options and the advantages you have to gain.

The Many Benefits of Used Cars

There are few sensations as powerful as being able to sit behind the wheel of your own car and take to the road for adventure. Unfortunately, the high costs of most vehicles tend to keep people down. If you are someone that has been dying for your own vehicle, but are not able to afford the brand new models, you might benefit greatly from exploring used cars. There are plenty of reasons to consider this option.


Many Choices


One of the biggest advantages that you can expect from your decision to go with a used model is that you will have tons of options before you. Chances are you have always wanted a specific type of car. Most people have a dream car, but most people feel as if they will never be able to afford it. When you look at used cars, you will be delighted to discover that you might actually be able to purchase the vehicle that you have wanted throughout your life. Do research and look up the pricing options to get a better understanding.


Financially Sound


In regards to finances, you cannot do much better than by going for used cars. This is because most used options are quite inexpensive. This means that you will be able to save money right away when looking at the used choices. On top of this, you can also find ways to save over time with your used model. Insuring your used cars, for example, is much less expensive than you might anticipate. Saving money in these ways can help you to feel more confident in your decision and more excited about hitting the road in a vehicle that is all your own.

3 Ways a Used Car Dealer Can Help You Choose the Right Vehicle

When it comes to browsing used cars, we know that the choices probably seem endless, especially if this is your first time buying a vehicle. Choosing a make, model, and type that suits your needs and tastes can be difficult. However, when you visit our dealership, our experienced used car dealers can help you decide which vehicle is the best fit for you.


Narrowing Your Choice by Budget


While you might have some idea of what you can afford to spend when you arrive at the dealership, our salespeople can show you a number of different options and offer you a variety of in-house financing options. This kind of financing is generally easier to obtain than a traditional bank loan. As a result, you may be surprised to find that the used car of your dreams is much more affordable than you previously thought.


Helping You Compare and Contrast Vehicles


Sometimes when you visit a car dealership, you might fall in love with more than one vehicle and have a hard time deciding which is the best choice. However, our knowledgeable salespeople can help fill you in on which car gets better mileage, which one has a better history of reliability, and more. This may help tip the scales when it comes to you being able to make a more informed decision.


You Can Work Out a Service Plan


Buying a car directly from our dealership means that you can create a service plan at the time of your purchase. This means that you can have your new used car serviced and maintained right at the dealership instead of going through the stress and headache of finding a mechanic who can handle your vehicle. Being able to pay your car payment while you have it serviced can help you save time, gas and money.


There are many factors involved when it comes to choosing a vehicle out of hundreds of used cars, but working with our experienced salespeople can help you navigate the sometimes-confusing world of car ownership.