Tips for Winter Maintenance for Your Car

No one wants to find themselves stranded in the dead of Winter. Thankfully, we can help you to take certain steps to keep your vehicle starting and running smoothly. Many of your vehicle's component's operate under particular stress in colder and wetter Winter conditions. Fluids become thicker. Any latent issues with the drivetrain or bearings can become apparent in adverse conditions. Batteries tend to operate less efficiently and dispense less charge. Accessories like wiper blades and engine or cabin heaters can suddenly become very necessary. All of these problems can be headed off by performing the proper Winter maintenance for your car.


Both the oil and engine coolant flow more slowly and thicken the colder it gets. This is the exact reason engine oil has a winter and summer viscosity rating. It can be vital to make sure your oil is operating optimally to prevent potentially disastrous wear on engine components. Your radiator's coolant can be just as important. Maintaining the proper mix of antifreeze to water can prevent the fluid from freezing and placing undue stress or even cracking your engine block.

Tires and Alignment

Working away from the powertrain, the next most important part of your Winter driving experience can be where the rubber meets the road. Any slight imbalances in your tires or suspension components can become suddenly apparent under adverse Winter conditions. An important part of Winter maintenance for your car can be keeping your car carefully aligned with good tires.

Wiper Blades and Batteries

Even a flawless power and drive train can be useless if the car won't start. Old or cold batteries don't hold the same charge or produce the voltage a similar battery would in Summer weather. Cars that start aren't very much use if a slight dusting snow can smear your windshield. We can state-of-the-art wiper blades and water repellant coatings to help keep your view of the road clear and your passengers safe.

There are a number of systems that can benefit from Winter maintenance for your car and taking proper care of them can help keep you safe and your vehicle reliable.

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