Warranty Benefits

When you buy a car you are making an investment. With that investment you may want to consider purchasing a warranty for your car. Car warranty coverage will vary depending if you buy a new or a used car. Determining your needs and the condition of your car when you buy it will help you know if the benefits of getting a warranty for your car outweigh the costs.

If you are buying a new car chances are that the car comes with a warranty. Most car companies will offer a warranty on their new cars. Depending on the car manufacturer, the warranty coverage will vary. Most car manufacturers back up their work with a warranty. They want to make sure that their customers are satisfied so they will generally cover any mechanical defects that occur in your car over a certain time period, like five years, or over a certain mileage, like 50,000 miles. Check with your car dealer to find out the details and the benefits of getting a warranty on your new car.

If you are buying a used car you have a couple options when it comes to warranties. If the used car is less than five years old or has very little mileage on it, there may be a chance that the warranty that came with the car when it was new is still in effect. Ask the used car dealer you are buying your car from if the warranty is still in effect. If the warranty has expired ask the car dealer about the benefits of getting a warranty on your used car. Some car dealers offer what is called an aftermarket warranty. This warranty may continue to cover the used car for any manufacturing defects. If the dealer has a good reputation and is someone you can trust then you can be certain they will give you the information you need to make a good choice about the benefits of getting a warranty for your used car.

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